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    Cheng reminded the rainy season to remind the rainy season"

    The rain is easy to cause the driver in the front to avoid the rain blurred vision, pedestrians and cyclists.

    Avoid car". Traffic should be enough to maintain a safe distance, appropriate to increase the safety distance. Valve EGR to remind the annual rainy season, especially in rainy days, brake pads and brake discs are wet. Because the road is slippery influence the braking effect and have a collision or multi car rear end chain accident. To this end, driving in the rain slippery surface water situation, must keep distance. Traffic and the car before the car to maintain at least ten seconds above the emergency handling of the space, driving the extreme case, the space is time, time is life.

    Avoidance of blindness". Encountered heavy rain and the role of the wiper cannot meet the visibility requirements, do not risk driving, should choose a safe place to stop and open the width lamp, until the rain after a small road.

    Avoid water". In the process of running water in the first water to observe the depth of water, if the water can not continue to travel through the axle. On unfamiliar road, along the road before the car through the road, so as not to encounter obstacles in the water. After entering the water with a slower speed at a constant speed, in the water do not stop. Cheng Chau EGR valve remind pay attention to the use of the front and rear fog lights on a rainy day, when our own in the car unable to distinguish between the front and rear of the vehicle position, it is necessary to know each other also can not tell our car. Therefore, once the rain was reduced visibility, should open the front and rear fog lamps immediately.

    Slow refueling, the car amble rainy and muddy pavement or a large water surface, the road to slow speed, stopping again to start the vehicle if it is, come on too fast will cause for tire idle swinging around the entire body, at this time should immediately release the accelerator pedal, hands grip the steering wheel to modify the direction of, the vehicle moved forward, slowly filling speed, to ensure the linear stable running.

    Generally speaking, reducing the speed, the brake, the control of the car is a rainy day must comply with the principle of safe driving. Cheng Chau EGR valve said in addition, pay attention to surrounding the pedestrians and non motor vehicles, traffic environment, and the opening of the lamp, fog lamp or width indicator lamp etc. is also essential. To drivers, driving rain and must not be taken lightly, and should constantly sum up their rainy day driving experience, to ensure the safety of the vehicle.

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