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    In this way, add lubricating oil and destroy the engine every minute

    The replacement of lubricating oil is a required course in car maintenance. Doing this step is one of the keys to protecting the engine and saving fuel. But if the oil is used improperly, it will backfire!
    For example, some owners believe that the oil can add more, and every time to fill up, for fear that their car "not enough."". Especially after every time I see the 4S shop, after changing the lubricating oil, there will be some left, and then I can't see it. I must add it all. In fact, such a "love" way is wrong!
    If the lubricant is added too much, it may cause the oil to escape from the gap between the cylinder and the piston and burn in the combustion chamber, resulting in carbon deposition! The risk of carbon deposits, I believe many owners have heard, in addition to more likely to knock outside, but also easy to cause early burning, exacerbated by cylinder and piston wear, pollution, lubricating oil and other issues. What is more, burning oil, exhaust smoke will become possible.
    Of course, if the lubricant is too small, and the engine lubrication is not enough, it will cause parts wear. So the best way is to mark the line to refuel, in each drive before, through the oil dipstick to check the amount of lubricating oil, as long as it falls between MIN and MAX is normal. But remember to check in the cooler state!
    Finally, make a point. If 4S is left with the lubricant, the remaining oil can be taken away and reused next time! As a result, it does not have to tangle with whether or not to add oil to the spot.
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