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    Elementary introduction to the basic principle of electronic throttle

    The electronic throttle system cancels throttle cable, and accelerates pedal position signal from sensor to engine to improve transmission efficiency and accuracy of throttle control system. In addition, when the engine is running, the control unit can not rely on the accelerator pedal position sensor to control the throttle directly to avoid the throttle loss.

    The basic structure of the electronic throttle

    The electronic throttle body is mainly used in vehicles equipped with the body stability control system ESP and the traction control system TCS device. (1) main structure: throttle position sensor TP; acceleration pedal position sensor APP; throttle actuator; throttle actuator control module. (2) function and working process. It has the basic function of the common throttle, and its function is to open the passageway of the intake manifold on the main pipe and open different opening under different conditions. The throttle of the general car is controlled by the accelerator pedal driven by the pedal. But the pull control door in the rapid acceleration of solar term and other special conditions with an air inlet hysteresis phenomenon, namely in the rapid acceleration and other special conditions, the door opening signal through the solar term valve position sensor section has been sent, but the air entering the cylinder and did not follow up, and the door is in the turbulence and solar term is not very stable, so the amount of air is not stable, and unstable acceleration is not ideal. While the electronic solar term door can be according to the solar term door position signal, PCM direct drive DC motor for rapid response, timely solar term door open required opening, and electronic door locking mechanism of the solar term reduction in itself, will not fluctuate because of air disturbance, in order to ensure the engine air intake and speed stability.

    Two. The composition and working principle of the components of the electronic throttle

    The electronic throttle assembly mainly includes the throttle, the electric stepping motor (on the throttle), the double throttle position sensor, the gear and a spring. The electric stepping motor is controlled by the load cycle signal from the PCM. A concentric spring control throttle, when the throttle valve is open to the close position, if the power loss of stepper motor is lost, the spring will close the throttle to the limit position. When the throttle is completely closed, the spring will also try to open the throttle. The throttle opening is realized automatically by using the DC motor on the throttle through the deceleration mechanism. (1) the throttle position sensor TP. Solar term door assembly is arranged in the two solar term door position sensor. One for the actual solar term is sent to the PCM gate opening, while the other is used in anomaly detection and control of the sensor, in order to ensure the reliability of the sensor; resin box door is arranged in the solar term of two to two of the brush potentiometer; solar term door body according to the amount of solar term door to contact the mobile variable resistor, voltage on the change of the contact signal is sent to the PCM. (2) acceleration pedal position sensor APP. The APP is used to monitor the speed of the accelerator pedal, and when the accelerator pedal is stepped down, the resistance changes, which leads to the change of the voltage. This sensor will change the voltage value is sent to the PCM; a potentiometer for manipulation to send PCM driver's accelerator pedal stroke, and the other is used to monitor the sensor value is normal, in order to ensure the reliability of the sensor; two sensors have different variable resistance range; limit device arranged on a sensor bracket, the the design intent is, if the connecting rod to rotate more than a certain amount, it will hit the accelerator cable link stopper on. (3) the throttle actuator. In does not provide power to the motor, the door in the default solar term of spring force in the solar term door, from the fully closed position slightly open a little; when the power supply to the motor when the motor through the intermediate gear, realize the solar term door open and shut the door; the opening and closing torque using solar term load control; when it is judged that the driver requires a rapid acceleration, the amount of current applied to the motor will increase, thereby increasing the rotational torque, to respond quickly; when the torque reached the level to meet the target solar term door opening level, load rate is under control, in order to maintain the position of the door in the closed solar term; direction, when the load coefficient less than a constant is maintained when the value of the next door is in the role of solar term solar term door return spring force; when the need for rapid deceleration, such as driver suddenly release the accelerator pedal, motor The polarity will be reversed to completely shut down the throttle. (4) the working principle of the electronic throttle body. Those who use the TCS (traction control system) or ESP (vehicle stability control) technology in the TCS model, when the actuator in braking is applied on the driving wheel, the electronic throttle opening of solar term door control. So it is necessary to install the electronic throttle control system ETCS. The accelerator pedal position sensor driver will need to accelerate or decelerate the information transmitted to the electronic solar term door control unit, the control unit on the basis of the information to calculate the best solar term door opening, accelerator pedal position sensor information of throttle opening has been amended, the solar term door opening meets the need of ideal. The electronic throttle control unit also communicates with the engine control unit and the automatic transmission control unit to precisely control the fuel injection times, shifting points, transmission main oil pressure and so on. Through ETCS, PCM can receive the data of the driver's accelerator pedal travel in the way of electronic signal, calculate the torque required by the driver according to these data, and then control the opening and closing of throttle according to the calculated torque. Electronic throttle system, canceling the throttle cable, from the sensor to the engine

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