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    What does ACC mean?

    ACC has two meanings, which are different in different places:

    There are four positions on the electric lock, namely off, on, ACC and start. Off indicates that all electronic devices are turned off and the power supply of the whole vehicle is cut off; on indicates that some electrical devices in the vehicle can be used, but high-power external electronic devices such as lights cannot be used; ACC means that all electronic device functions except air-conditioning cooling can be used. The on-board system is powered on normally for self-test, and the fuel pump and oil pump start to work. After the vehicle completes all self-tests, it can be turned to start for ignition Yes.

    The second case refers to ACC adaptive cruise function. ACC adaptive cruise control system is an intelligent automatic control system, which is developed on the basis of the existing cruise control technology. During the driving process, the distance sensor (radar) installed in the front of the vehicle continuously scans the road ahead of the vehicle, and the wheel speed sensor collects the vehicle speed signal. When the distance from the front vehicle is too small, ACC control unit can make the wheel brake properly and reduce the output power of the engine by coordinating with anti lock braking system and engine control system, so as to keep the safe distance between the vehicle and the front vehicle all the time. Simply put, ACC system is a complete set of systems that can help us step on the brake and keep a safe distance from the car in front in an emergency.

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